Engineering Solutions

The Sabreen Group is a global technology company specializing in secondary manufacturing of plastics and metals,product security packaging, and pharmaceutical manufacturing & technology. We develop and implement cost effective total solutions to achieve Six Sigma process excellence that fit the unique needs of each client we serve. The Sabreen Group expert consultants are highly skilled engineers, chemists, scientists and Black Belt statisticians who have vast industry experiences. We provide rapid response teams with technical expertise in the fields of:

  Surface Preparation & Pretreatments
corona discharge, flame, gas plasma, chemical, laser, mechanical materials analytical testing, adhesion-abrasion, lightfastness, accelerated aging

  Decorating & Finishing
painting & coating, digital printing, ink printing, decorative special-effects, metallizing, hot-stamping, heat transfers, sublimation, in-mold decorating, painting, formable films

  Laser Marking
Nd:YAG, contrast enhancing additives, custom colors
paint/laser-etch (daytime/nighttime), laser labels, circuit boards
frequency doubling green, UV Excimer, CO2

  Bonding, Welding, Joining
adhesives, sealants, laser welding, ultrasonics

  Product Security Packaging
covert, overt, vision detection systems 

  Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Technology
materials science, design of oral solid dosage forms
six sigma manufacturing, product security
laboratory services, expert legal testimony

Industries we serve:

                   Aerospace/avionics                     Electronics
                    Appliances           Medical/Pharmaceutical
                    Automotive                       Military
                  Computer                     Packaging
                 Consumer products              Recreational/Sporting
                 Cosmetics              Telecommunications

Plastics Applications:


Acetal Polycarbonate PETG Polyurethane
Cellulosics Polyphenylene Sulfide Polypropylene Styrene


Liquid crystal polymer

Polyethylene Thermoplastic
Nylon PEEK Polyester more....