“Scott is a highly motivated, pro-active expert who is extremely knowledgeable in his field. He has proven to be very professional in solving problems that we have hired him to work on, and has exceeded expectations in providing solutions for us.”

Roelie Bottema, Vestergaard Frandsen, R&D Manager

“I have had the pleasure of working with Scott Sabreen of the Sabreen group for several months now. In 1998 I met Scott Sabreen when Jeff Peterson of Peterson Publications introduced us and explained that Scott was an extraordinary inventor of decorating processes particularly laser etching of plastics and ceramics. Throughout my career I have had the pleasure of working alongside of several naturally creative inventors; Scott is included on my list of most creative people. His latest technology is known as “The Sabreen Group’s Patent Pending VectorJet® Laser Marking Technology” and is truly a breakthrough technology for the laser industry. In its simplest form, this new laser allows an OEM to have the critical plastic parts of a product marked with a data matrix making them readable with machine vision. I also like the fine line marking capability on materials other than plastics; extreme fine lines are possible without ink jet printing or paint coatings. This discussion may sound like bragging, but once you see this technology it is astounding what the capabilities of this new marking technology are. The decorating of plastics just took one big step forward. Thank you Scott!” 

Ralph Starkey, Board of Directors Society of Plastics Engineers

“Scott is the go to person for providing decorating and adhesion solutions for existing and new applications. His approaches are state-of-the-art, technically sound, robust and usually can offer competitive advantages.” 

Bruce Robbins, Reynolds Packaging Engineering Manager

“Scott has one of the most creatively brilliant engineering minds I know. He is both innovative and tenacious in determining the best quality and most cost effective solutions. His end result processes are elegantly simple and consistent.”

Cindy Lewis, President/CEO Airborn, Inc.

"...Your expertise in laser scoring and thermoplastic colorant formulation were utilized by Dow.  The service you provided met and exceeded our expectations in terms timing, knowledge of the laser process, and formulation expertise. Thanks to your efforts, our development time was significantly reduced...  We will definitely consider your services when needed for future programs at our strategic accounts."   

Tim Boven, Development Engineer

"I have worked with Scott for six years and found him and his organization to be an invaluable resource in many areas, especially laser-marking.  The Sabreen Group has proven to be a very thorough and well-connected organization, which has provided us with many new key business contacts as well as improved relationships with our existing customers.  Working with Scott's group is unique in that they take the time to provide us with detailed information and feedback, which is important to our company as a supplier.  Unlike other companies, The Sabreen Group goes the extra mile to insure our success and satisfaction..."                                                              

Kathleen D. Dyer, Technical Marketing Manager

"WE DID IT!! We are successfully pad printing the polyphenylene sulfide safe dials on a continuous basis.  The process you recommended for ink adhesion has given us outstanding results.  The printing equipment and process modifications that resulted from your involvement have helped us do what some in our industry said was not possible..."

Jack E. Bertsch, President

"It is with pride and satisfaction that I write this letter to commend you for your printing work on Celcon ® acetal shutters for microfloppy disks...  The shutters you printed on had the most robust printing results to date.  I sent these to several major microfloppy disk manufacturers and the shutters passed their internal tests as well as they ASTM tape pull/cross hatch.  Congratulations for a job that was well done, and for developing a decorating system that is economical and superior to any other solvent printing on shutters."

Davida Barret, Advanced Materials Group

"Thank you very much for your expertise in improving laminate tube quality.  I enjoyed working together with you and the supplier to achieve success in defining defects and improving on the defected tubes.  Thank you for your leadership in coordinating once a month tube quality meeting with the supplier in achieving improvement after improvement on quality of the laminate tube.  Mostly, thank you for your professionalism and your expertise in leading the laminate tube quality project..."

Joseph C. Hong, Supplier Development

"Thanks for helping us out with the problem Reynolds had with plastic paint adhesion.  Your immediate response provided the answers that we needed to make the best technical decisions.  It's good to know that there is a Sabreen Group just a phone call away.  We plan to stay in touch and when the need for a bonding solutions is required, Reynolds can rest a little easier knowing you will personally come through with your expertise..."

Bruce Robbins, Section Supervisor Composites, Polymers & Finishing

"I wanted to thank you for your help in our achieving a much improved imprinting operation at National Pen.  The audits you conducted every six (6) weeks over the last year were key to our developing improved imprinting disciplines.  In addition, your technical expertise in the areas of how to achieve outstanding adhesions for both our conventional curing and recently install UV curing system was invaluable... Scott, it has been an extreme pleasure working with someone of your technical competence and great personality..."

Bill R. Fox, President

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